Should we follow our passions and dreams

“Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.”  -Victor Hugo

The problem with dreaming is not knowing if it’s just a dream. Growing up we are told to dream big, but not too large; to dream vastly, but not too hard. Which makes it hard to know if your dreams are worth dreaming or even worth fighting for. 

I am a dreamer and I don’t believe in my dreams. That is a truly sad thing to say, how can we not believe our dreams? 

My problem with dreaming is I have so many dreams or wishes. I think of all of the things I could be doing that would make my heart happy. But, a harsh reality comes crashing into them. Sometimes those harsh realities are those of my imagination, nothing more than not believing in myself. 

My dreams are vast and not very grandiose, some are but that’s beside the point. I have a dream of working for Disney and being a performer. I have a dream of preforming on Broadway. I have a dream of being a photographer. I have a dream of being a concept artist for big companies and ideas. I have a dream of working in the film industry, not as an actress but behind the scenes to put ideas into motion. I have a dream of working for Pixar or other big animation companies. I have many more dreams, but they all have a few things in common. 

They are all in the creative fields. I don’t believe any are possible because we live in a world that puts down the creative services. We are losing touch with the beauty that is creating something that pulls your emotions into play. We are devaluing the arts and it will be the end of humanity. 

Music, art, theater, movies, television: these are the things that have shaped my emotions, feelings, and ideas. Sure we may get too invested into something and “fangirl” over it. But those emotions create a community of those that understand how we feel and how a fictional story or piece of art makes us feel. Art is one of the most powerful things that humanity has to offer and we, as humans, don’t value it’s power anymore. 

We devalue these creative services and fields and leave children, teens, adults, PEOPLE feeling is if pursuing their dreams in these fields aren’t enough. 

I also have dreams to travel, hence why I created a travel blog. I wanted to make dreaming about traveling a reality. I also wanted an outlet where I can talk about traveling, anxiety, and any other things that tend to inhibit us and our passions as humans. This blog is like a travel blog meets an inspirational blog almost and I love it!

So far it feels like I have only been able to meet one of my dreams and that is traveling and writing, but I can’t see a future in it because I have been told it is almost impossible and I could never live comfortably off of it.

Why though? Why are we told to dream and once we share one of those dreams life puts it down, reason gets forced into your heart’s desire. Why can’t we be a world of dreamers and believers? Why must we put down the power of the arts and not lift it up along with the people who sacrifice their lives to following those dreams? 

Victor Hugo put it wonderfully, we should strive to have our facts and dreams meet in our near futures. So that is what I will strive to do, no matter how impossible it all might seem.

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