Life update

Arriving in a new city can be daunting especially when you are solo. Plus not having a working phone or a map is a huge factor.

When I first arrived to Brisbane, I had a total meltdown due to lack of sleep and being lost. But, somehow I made it and I am now living comfortably and with a phone plan.


Life has been hard to adjust to in some ways and really easy in others. The hardest thing in the beginning was trying to make friends. But, sadly (as expected) my anxiety has caught up with me. It took awhile, probably got lost in transport, but it hit hard this past weekend.

My anxiety caused me to lock myself in my room and over think, over judge, and over analyze every situation I have faced while in Australia. I was an emotional wreck and so to cope I immersed myself in my Netflix account to avoid my own brain.

It didn’t help that it is the beginning of April and I said I wanted to do VEDA, vlogging everyday in April. I could not bring myself to even turn on my camera to try and vlog. It was a pretty rough weekend that lasted until about today. So, hopefully I will be able to film some stuff and upload a video or two depending on how much I get done. Thankfully, I am up to date on all schoolwork–it was another productive way to distract myself. So, stay tuned and check out my YouTube page for vlogs!


So school is going pretty well and I am enjoying all of my classes. I have made good friends at school and I have at least one friend in every class which is really nice. Especially, when I have questions about the class or projects.

Speaking of school, “spring break” is coming up. It is really a semester break because it is fall here. So, my roommates, some friends, and I are going on vacation…

We are going to the island of Bali! So lots of footage will follow after that trip!

Life after Australia

So, another big update for y’all: I am not returning to USC in the fall.

I have accepted an internship with the Disney College Program and I will be working at Walt Disney World from August 7 through January 4th! I will be working in Quick Service Food and Beverage (QSFB) and I won’t know my location until I get closer to leaving for the program.

I am really excited for this experience and I will definitely be having a crazy year! From Australia to Disney, I’m taking you head on 2017!


I am most definitely making 2017 my year. I am working hard at keeping up with school and life, even if my anxiety may slow me down I won’t stop! I will, as Walt Disney said himself: “Keep moving forward.”


xo Sarah

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